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What are the difference with the original magnet demagnetization magnet? ( Magnet]

by:Maghard      2020-08-30
What are the difference with the original magnet demagnetization magnet? ( Magnet] Magnet demagnetization in our magnet manufacturer will encounter in the process of the normal production of the magnet. Why need magnet demagnetization, this we have a lot of people will be very curious, in fact, or, in the midst of our customers, some customers to use the magnets, need to go through high temperature injection processing into products again after use, so if the magnet magnetization, again after high temperature, the magnet magnetic force is abate, will happen even demagnetization, what effect will the magnet demagnetization then? Below we magnet manufacturers to discuss with you. Magnet demagnetization, after the magnet magnetic molecular structure occurs obvious change, causes the magnet in a relatively normal ordinary magnet magnetic force is abate, and after many times of magnetization, magnetic will be more and more weak, so we in the use of demagnetization of magnet magnetization, not many can only be washed again after demagnetization, or it will lead to the magnet magnetic force cannot meet the demand. Original magnet without high temperature demagnetization, magnetic molecular structure did not change, so its magnetic force does not have obvious relationship with the number of magnetization, but still want to avoid high temperature, because of the high temperature can make the magnet molecular structure is changed. Through the explanation, you now know what is the difference between with the original magnet demagnetization magnet? If there's anything I don't know what or doubt, consult our magnet manufacturers.
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