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What is electronic cigarette magnet filter cigarette holder size of magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-09-18
The quality of people's lives have improved in recent years, more and more local start smoking, more and more people begin to resist smoking; But some heavy smoker wants to quit smoking, but could not, make smokers suffer. Comply with the trend of electronic cigarette market began to rise, with electronic cigarettes this' new way of smoking is accepted by more and more smokers and popular electronic cigarette market bullish. Magnet manufacturer also start getting more and more electronic cigarette manufacturer order, started to produce special magnets, magnet filter cigarette holder materials is iron boron powerful magnets, magnet size 5 * 3 electronic smoke, 8 * 3 special magnet electronic cigarettes, circular and 8 - and electronic smoke 5 * 2 and so on multiple dimensions. Magnet filter cigarette holder for small magnet application within the electronic cigarettes, and magnetic strength, high cost performance is the most commonly used accessories electronic cigarettes magnet size. Specific offer - please find the dongguan magnet factory Magnet sintering furnace three, can produce a powerful magnet, finished 500000 PCS, processed into a variety of specifications. Square magnet processing to the largest: 150 * 100 * 40 mm. Maximum machining cylindrical magnet to ¢120 * 34 mm.
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