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What is the circular structure of ndfeb strong magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-08-23
What is the circular structure of ndfeb strong magnet? Circular ndfeb strong magnet is passed by ordinary cylindrical cutter according to the size of the specified cut out, then what is the structure of this circular powerful magnets? Below we together to discuss, the circular ndfeb strong magnet, it is the axial magnetization two kinds of structure, the magnetization and radial how we should distinguish between these two kinds of structure? We can determine direction of the magnetic force to the difference between what structure is it way, magnet magnetic force on both ends, then the structure of the magnet is belong to the axial, if the magnetic force focused on the edge of the side, so it is called the radial, we often say magnet manufacturer axial magnetization magnetization is both the difference, and radial circular ndfeb strong magnet are commonly axial magnetization, unless the customer has special requirements, have specific request for it, otherwise the magnet manufacturer will directly on the axial magnetization for production. Through the interpretation of the above, you are circular ndfeb strong magnet structure had a deeper understanding.
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