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What is the difference between infinite magnets and ordinary magnet? ( Magnet manufacturers]

by:Maghard      2020-09-01
What is the difference between infinite magnets and ordinary magnet? Magnet, our daily common just like a powerful magnet. This powerful magnets are generally by ndfeb as raw material to made, usually are the two poles. We can use the instrument usually measured, frontal pole, it then distinguish. In our magnet magnet products manufacturers, motor field application is relatively more, most of the motor are using normal powerful magnets. But there are some high-end machine can't use common powerful magnets, need to use the infinite magnets, magnet manufacturer in our eyes how to define the infinite magnet? Below we magnet manufacturer to and everyone together to discuss. Promise is multiple magnet can stick to each other, no like poles repel with this situation. This is what we called the infinite magnets, this promise magnet ordinary magnet manufacturer is unable to production, we need the special magnet manufacturer to produce, to customized according to customer's request. Although two magnets look is the same, but the actual application of time difference is very big, if there is no professional instrument for testing, this is very difficult to distinguish. Through the explanation, you probably know the infinite magnets and the difference between ordinary magnet? If there is doubt can yo magnet manufacturers to discuss together with us.
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