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What is the difference between ordinary magnets and powerful magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-09-15
In general, people generally think so, ordinary magnet for black magnets, magnetic weaker; Powerful magnets to white magnets, magnetic is stronger. Real distinction actually see is as follows: a strong magnet is generally aluminum iron boron structure, normal magnet according to your meaning should be ordinary ferrite material. Rare earth ndfeb magnets, Commonly known as: powerful magnets, electroplating magnets, magnet steel) Is a kind of unique to China rare metal doped with some other synthetic sintering metal materials, so-called magnetic king in magnet type; Features: the strongest magnetic, high performance, electroplating, ( The most commonly used only galvanized zinc, nickel plating NI; There are some special requirements, such as gold-plated, silver plating, plating color, etc. , can according to the demand we can plating) Fast delivery, convenient transportation, is widely used in the market now one of the most common magnet; Mainly used in printing and packaging, electronics, electrical appliances, mining equipment, motor, etc; Ferrite: it is the main raw material of ferric oxide. Fired by moulding to make quality of a material is hard, brittle material, because of the ferrite magnets have good temperature resistance, low cost, performance, moderate is also widely used in the market at present permanent magnets. Features: low price, high temperature resistant, not easy oxidation, magnetic deviation, transport problems, product delivery speed slow; Performance: gay Y10 Y20 Y25 heterosexual Y30; The opposite sex is better than like forces, hardness is better; Members of the opposite sex can also be enhanced Y30BH; So because of different material and structure, and result in the effect between the two are not the same. What do you want to be the original poster, the first Gao Qingchu. Aluminum and iron boron single magnetic suction 30 ~ 50 times larger than ferrite about ( Under the premise of the same specification) , combination of magnetic system inside aluminum iron boron higher magnetic field intensity. Please note: ferrite magnet installation is very convenient, but when installing a combination of aluminum and iron boron magnetic system, professional installation personnel to install, or it could lead to personnel injury.
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