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What is the impact of magnets used in pulse transformer iron core?

by:Maghard      2020-09-11
What is the impact of magnets used in pulse transformer iron core? Pulse transformer is used to transmit pulse transformer. When a series of pulse duration t d ( m s) Voltage, pulse amplitude to U m ( V) Single pulse voltage is added to the number of turns for N pulse transformer winding, at the end of each pulse, the magnetic induction intensity increment & Delta; B ( T) To: & Delta; B = U m t d / NS c ′ 10 - 2 which S is the cross-sectional area of core c ( 厘米2) 。 The magnetic induction intensity increment & Delta; And the area of the pulse voltage (B Volt-second product) Is proportional to the. When the output one-way pulse, & Delta; m - B = B B r, if add the demagnetization winding on pulse transformer core, & Delta; B = B m + B r。 Under pulse condition, by the dynamic pulse hysteresis loop & Delta; B with the corresponding & Delta; The ratio of H p for pulse magnetic permeability m p. The ideal pulse waveform is refers to the rectangular pulse wave, because of the influence of the parameters of the circuit, the actual pulse waveform with rectangular pulse, often the distortion. Such as the rise time of pulse edge and pulse transformer leakage inductance L s t r, winding and structural parts caused by distributed capacitance C s is proportional to the pulse roof fall is inversely proportional to the excitation inductance L, m, L and eddy current loss factors can also affect the output pulse waveform. Pulse transformer leakage inductance L s = 4 b p N 1 2 L m/h pulse transformer primary excitation inductance L m = 4 m p p s N 2 c/L & prime; 10 - Eddy current loss of 9 Pe = U m 2 t d lF / 12 N 1 2 d S c r b related to winding structure coefficient, l m long for an average of the winding coil, h is the width of the windings, 1 is the primary winding circle number, N l as the core of the average length of magnetic circuit, S c for core area, m p for core pulse magnetic permeability, r as core material resistivity, d is the thickness of the core material, for the pulse repetition frequency F. Can be seen from the above formula, in a given number of turns and core area, the greater the pulse width, requirement of core material variation of magnetic induction intensity & Delta; The larger the B; In pulse width to timing, magnetic induction intensity variation of core material & Delta; B, can greatly reduce the pulse transformer iron core of cross-sectional area and the number of turns of the magnetizing winding, can reduce the volume of the pulse transformer. To reduce the pulse wave front distortion, we should try to reduce the pulse transformer leakage inductance and distributed capacitance, therefore need to make the pulse transformer winding circle number as less as possible, which requires the use of high pulse magnetic permeability of materials. Want to reduce roof fall, as far as possible to improve elementary excitation inductance L, m, which requires the core material has high pulse magnetic permeability m p. To reduce the eddy current loss, should choose high resistivity and thickness of thin soft magnetic strip as core material as far as possible, especially for high repetition frequency, pulse width of pulse transformer. Magnet information: the establishment of China's largest wind power base would boost domestic ndfeb market planning and construction in our country the first million kilowatt wind power base has been in the jiuquan planning and construction of our country. This major project is expected to total investment of more than 1200 one hundred million yuan, will become China's oil in west east, west to east gas pipeline, Tibet railway after the development of the western region and a hallmark of important projects. To 2015, the installed size of the wind power generating capacity will be equivalent to the three gorges project now. 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