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What is the sample of the magnet manufacturer process?

by:Maghard      2020-08-24
What is the sample of the magnet manufacturer process? Samples, it is a big cargo prevent mistakes before, but have to do some small samples out for testing, this is called a sample. Sample, to a certain extent can greatly reduce the unnecessary loss, because the sample confirmation, there is a big value on big goods production reference. Based on this situation, we magnet manufacturer before production magnet will also pull test was carried out on the product. Then the proofing is need cost, so the cost should be who come out? To this, our magnet manufacturers to talk about. Magnet production is need cost, some magnet manufacturer in situations where there are plenty of orders, he is there are many kinds of magnet production type of experience, and inventory. When we contact the factory proofing, can communicate with magnet manufacturer first, and then ask the person if there is a corresponding product inventory, and then on to the next step according to the circumstance. General magnet manufacturer if you have inventory, as long as you give each other next order, manufacturers tend to send you some free samples for your test, but if you have for a long time in the magnet factory take sample and no order, so sorry, next time will not give you free samples, but want to charge. Because the value is relative, the somebody else give you free samples, but you take advantage of somebody else, not to bring value to the person, it is no good. If magnet manufacturer in the size of the inventory, there is no corresponding products tend to charge a small production costs money, it will need to be paid by the purchaser, when purchasing parties confirmed, started to produce big goods, the proofing fee to big goods inside a corresponding deduction, procurement to save cost, in this case, if willing to pay proofing fee of the purchaser, in the eyes of magnet manufacturers will be considered to be more sincere cooperation. To sum up, now you know the sample of the magnet manufacturer process is how to go? If you have not understand you CALL our yo.
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