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What kind of a powerful magnet and magnetic swell-up are there

by:Maghard      2020-09-05
Transition group metals ( Such as iron) And their alloys and compounds are called magnetic ferromagnetism, the origin of the name because iron has a ferromagnetic material is the most common is the most typical. Samarium ( 钐) , neodymium ( 钕) And cobalt alloy is often used to make strong magnet. In the absence of additional magnetic field, magnetic domain within because of electronic exchange effect between adjacent atoms or other interactions. Make their magnetic moment after overcoming the influence of thermal motion, powerful magnets in a state of orderly arrangement in the partially offset, so that there is a close magnetic moment [ 1] The phenomenon. When applied external magnetic field, the magnetization intensity with the change of the external magnetic field and ferromagnetic material. Ferrimagnetic with antiferromagnetic has the same physical nature, is antiparallel spin magnetic moment of ferrous magnet size, thus partially offset not spontaneous magnetic moment, similar to the ferromagnet. Ferrite is mostly ferrous magnets. Diamagnetism is some material atoms in the electronic magnetic moment offset each other, and magnetic moment is zero. But magnetic steel is when the plus effect of a magnetic field, the electron orbital games changes, and with the additional magnetic field in the opposite direction to produce a small magnetic moment. Powerful magnet said material magnetic susceptibility has become very small negative number ( The amount) 。 Magnetic susceptibility is material under the action of plus magnetic field of magnetic moment ( Called the magnetization) And the ratio of magnetic field intensity, symbols for kappa. Predominate Generally diamagnetic ( Sex) About one over one million (negative material of magnetic susceptibility - 10 - 6) 。 Susceptibility of paramagnetic material for positive, than the magnet magnetic large number 1 ~ 3 orders of magnitude, about 10 X - 5 ~ 10 - 3, abide by the laws of Curie or Curie Weiss's law. Powerful magnet material with unpaired electrons, ions, atoms or molecules exist of the electron spin angular momentum and orbital angular momentum, also is the spin magnetic moment and orbital magnetic moment. Under the action of outside magnetic field, the original orientation of magnetic moment will orientation, so as to show the paramagnetic.
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