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What kind of magnets are there

by:Maghard      2020-09-15
1. North and south poles ( N and S pole) 。 Cut off is still in the north and south poles, not a single pole. 2. Magnetic mins induction line. ( Or said lines of magnetic force, magnetic steel is artificially how much curve, out of the magnet n-pole into the S pole, the lines of magnetic force more magnets like that, put a piece of paper, on the top of magnets evenly on the iron filings, tapping, can see people how much curve, the magnet at both ends and, clarify the strongest magnetic, magnetic pole. ) 3. Poles repel each other between the magnetic pole effect: same name, different polarity attraction. 4. Permanent magnet fitness attract magnetic materials: iron, cobalt, nickel. 5. Electric conductor in magnetic marketing campaign by the magnetic effect. Direction judgement rule with his left hand. 6. Part of the closed loop of induced current in a conductor in magnetic. Is called electromagnetic induction. 7. Electricity and magnetism through different ways to change each other. 8. Permanent magnet bar, horseshoe, needle. 9. Permanent magnets have directivity: indicates that the north-south direction. Like a compass.
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