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What's the use of speakers inside the magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-10-04
In order to help users solve 'speakers inside the magnet? 'related problems, China who through the Internet to' speakers the magnets inside have what use? 'relevant solutions for the finishing, the user detailed questions include: RT, I want to know: the inside of the speaker magnet? , specific solutions as follows: solution 1: coil and magnet in the opposite direction of magnetic field generated after the power supply, same-sex row, speakers will make a sound. , line loops and horn vibration membrane, coil motor to drive the horn vibration membrane vibration, magnetic force in one direction produces magnetic magnet, magnet and coil in the middle. Solution 2: electric speaker's voice is to rely on in the voice coil electricity vibration of permanent magnet magnetic field to achieve! The magnet is horn magnet! Solution 3: electricity generated by the magnet vibration and noise. Solution 4: high school physics knowledge
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