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Where is the difference of homosexual and heterosexual ferrite magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-10-03
Gay ferrite is about what? What is a heterosexual ferrite? I think a lot of friends are not very clear, today small make up you and everyone together to explore the difference between ferrite and heterosexual ferrite. Where is the difference of homosexual and heterosexual ferrite magnet? Magnetic energy product, anisotropic is about three times bigger than the isotropic, making, isotropic simpler than the opposite sex. How to see from appearance is homosexual or heterosexual ferrite? Appearances look not to come out. Isotropic in suppressing ( Dry pressing or wet press) When applying the orientation of the magnetic field, the magnetic powder of the magnetization axis lined up. Gay ferrite surface gauss? How many gauss heterosexual ferrite can achieve? Gay is less than 900 gauss, members of the opposite sex is greater than 900 gauss. What are the grades of gay ferrite? Members of the opposite sex what brand? Y8T, Y10T for gay, Y25, Y30, Y30BH for members of the opposite sex. Most often, gay is moulded, namely the wafer, the most obvious place is wafer is surrounded by R Angle, more pliable. Heterosexual ferrite for cutting, often referred to as square class. Gay ferrite and heterosexual ferrite tolerance is how many? Moulded: width tolerance for & plusmn; 0. 02 thickness & plusmn; 0. 1 ( Mm) Cutting: the width tolerance for & plusmn; 0. The thickness of the 15 & plusmn; 0. 1 ( Mm)
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