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Who invented artificial magnet? And what is the difference between ordinary magnet.

by:Maghard      2020-09-25
Magnetic will be weakened by the influence of the external environment, such as temperature changes, the interference of other magnetic or electric fields, etc. Magnets of different materials, different degree of fade. To make the magnetic magnet magnetic again and subsided magnetization will only use the magnet magnetized method again. Metal magnet, which is what we call the strong magnets, better than the average magnetic ferrite magnet, because after the magnet with magnetic metal surface magnetic field intensity is bigger. It is determined the physical properties of different magnetic materials. Powerful magnet surface treatment can be divided into: galvanized epoxy gold-plated nickel plated black zinc plated, regardless of the electroplating, plating engineers to understand the characteristics of ndfeb strong magnet. Powerful magnet powder metallurgy class, surface activity is larger, should especially when phosphating idea, can't hurt to the powerful magnet surface features, otherwise the surface plating of product will not level off is smooth, metal plating and electroplating magnets related formula is different, but the plating process and equipment are the same. The magnet factory pay special attention to when choosing electroplating supplies to discuss. Before plating chamfering to do reasonable perspective, small Angle is not easy to plating, much Angle and can produce the size of the product is too small, not accepted by the customer. Electroplating process, voltage adjustment should be reasonable, bath water temperature is appropriate, any link was not well done, can make out the effect can not meet the requirements of electroplating, the requirement of the salt spray test pass it. Magnet definition: magnet is magnetic objects, its main feature is the ability to absorb iron, cobalt, nickel and other objects, can long-term stay in the magnet magnetic known as permanent magnets, permanent magnets can be divided into artificial permanent magnets, natural permanent magnets. Artificial permanent magnets is mainly by steel or some special synthetic produced by metal, the main material is iron alloy, such as ferrite, rare earth magnets, etc. , according to the classification of the market, the current main permanent permanent magnets with a bar magnet, circular magnets, magnet needle sex, etc. Various shapes of magnets. Artificial magnet production process: the process of artificial magnet production process is more, in general we are using metallurgical technology, simple iron melt first, and then get into powder, of course, but can be by pressing sintering molding, or use special glue glue after molding, form a nonmagnetic billet, to create a strong magnetic field by electromagnetic coil magnetization. Such magnets made good characteristics of artificial magnet: artificial magnet and natural formation of the magnet on the performance, artificial magnet in magnetic properties are better than the natural magnets, especially rare earth alloy magnetic is extremely strong, not only is much more stable main advantage of ndfeb permanent magnet is sex price is high, and has good characteristics in mechanical direction; Not enough place or Curie temperature is too low, at the same time, temperature on the characteristics of more bad, and prone to pulverization corrosion, must through the adjust its chemical composition and take surface treatment methods ( Such as galvanized, etc. ) Chemical performance is improved, to achieve what we need the actual application requirements. The ferrite permanent magnet is a kind of has a ferromagnetic metal oxide. Electrical characteristics alone, the resistivity of ferrite permanent magnet than than the metal and alloy magnetic material to far more, and have a high dielectric properties. Ferrite permanent magnet magnetic can also performance in high frequency with high magnetic permeability. Therefore, ferrite permanent magnet has become a high-frequency weak current widely used in the field of magnetic material, not of metal. Belongs to the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb permanent magnet materials, has small volume, light weight and the characteristics of the magnetic strength, is currently the best price-performance magnets, the magnetic field is known as the king of magnetic - A strong magnet. The advantages of high energy density makes permanent magnet ndfeb permanent magnet material in modern industry and obtained widespread application in electronic technology. Under the conditions of bare magnetic, magnetic force can reach about 3500 gauss. Say again ferrite permanent magnet ferrite or magnetic porcelain, is belong to nonmetallic magnetic materials, magnetic ferric oxide and one or more other metal oxide compound oxide ( Or is ferrite) 。 Magnetic usually is 800 - 1000 gauss, often used in the speakers, speakers and other devices. Ndfeb permanent magnet is the difference between the magnet and magnetic ferrite permanent magnet mainly include the following: 1. Ferrite magnet performance permanent magnet ndfeb permanent magnets. 2. On the price. Ferrite permanent magnet is much cheaper than the ndfeb permanent magnet magnet. 3. Ndfeb permanent magnet magnetic heat resistance is very good, ordinary ndfeb permanent magnets usually only 80 degrees, more than the working temperature of demagnetization will happen. 4. Ferrite permanent magnet stability is very good, it itself is oxide, is stable, ndfeb permanent magnet is alloy, and its easy oxidation, coating protection had to be done. 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