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Why are small ndfeb strong magnet? Magnet tell you

by:Maghard      2020-08-27
Why are small ndfeb strong magnet? Tell you the magnet ndfeb strong magnet a lot of people come into contact with, so we are not strange to it. A lot of people contact basic most of them are small one? Why seldom come into contact with the big ndfeb strong magnet? Below we magnet manufacturer to explain the important reasons for you. Ndfeb strong magnet, in the name we can know that it is strong, the strength is not strong general, in the types of magnets, ndfeb is very strong, strong as for to what extent? Let us tell the, small up to a few kilograms, the attraction of a magnet, we may not feel this a few kilograms, but if increasing the size of the powerful magnets, its magnetic force, a big magnet, magnetic force increases, especially in the process of use and transport is very inconvenient. Large ndfeb strong magnet, when using, do not pay attention to a little, can lead to injury, and if the magnet magnetic to with lron products, basic is the magnet move does not open, can only be scrapped, it will cause waste material cost. Due to the magnetic force is too large, must be very careful when using, slightly control is bad, the magnet iron will have huge impact force, damage to the magnet. In the course of carriage, due to the strong suction magnet, could lead to a magnet products to iron direction, result in product damage and affect the magnet products. Comprehensive the above, it is why don't we magnet manufacturer in the production of large powerful magnets. Why are small ndfeb strong magnet? You probably know now, if have not understand, please contact us to ask.
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