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Why can't a powerful magnet do too thin? 【 Magnet 】

by:Maghard      2020-09-01
Why can't a powerful magnet do too thin? 【 Magnet 】 Powerful magnet, we all know it is a solid by rare earth ndfeb sintered. Powerful magnet magnetic is very strong, it has used in many fields. As a result, its different shape size, have thick have thin, has long have short. Magnet manufacturer in our many years of production experience, the magnet thickness and length is a range, not how many, how much is it must conform to the product characteristics of the magnet itself. We can often meet with magnet manufacturer customer ask powerful magnets can't do much, or do more thin, actually these are all can. But do too big, its magnetic force is very strong, at the time of use is very inconvenient, one with lron products into the powerful magnet will be strong absorption in the past, it is easy to put the magnet crashing, serious when they hurt people, so we don't suggest customers to use too much; Second, the magnet do too thin when use is very inconvenient, because it is a rare earth, very easy to disconnect, causes the product cost waste. Us as a professional manufacturer of magnet, tend to recommend customers to use ratio of high performance size, avoid unnecessary waste of loss. Above all, why can't we now know that the magnet do too thin.
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