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Why do powerful magnet demagnetization ( Degaussing)

by:Maghard      2020-09-17
Powerful magnets generally refers to the ndfeb magnet, the rare earth praseodymium and neodymium iron alloy, this material has wide application in the market at present, but the powerful magnets in use process will often encounter magnetic fade or disappear is often happens, we summarize the cause of the magnet demagnetization the following points: 1 magnet demagnetization or demagnetization after injection molding, heat resistance is 80 ℃, ordinary magnet injection molding is basic in more than 12 ℃. 2: the magnet magnet after hot pressing or demagnetization, often used glass fiber board hot pressing, temperature above 150 ℃. 3: after the oven to bake the magnet demagnetization 4: magnet material contains too much lead to weak magnetic impurities, 5: impact cause magnet demagnetization results, such as high frequency impact etc. 6: material containing metal Lan cause magnet powder etc. 7: try the magnet itself magnet and high magnetic field force disappearing or N/S pole change ( Charger demagnetization machine) Above summarizes demagnetization ( Degaussing) The reasons why there are four basic 90% this point, the high temperature demagnetization, material itself problem demagnetization, high frequency impact demagnetization, high magnetic field demagnetization.
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