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Why powerful magnets do plating maintenance? 【 Magnet 】

by:Maghard      2020-08-26
Why powerful magnets do plating maintenance? Although strong magnet is magnetic, but it is also pay attention to outward appearance. Powerful magnet production of raw materials is a rare earths, by forming a solid black, burning again after cutting machine, cutting out according to different sizes. Although the black solid after cutting, but it is a black solid, appearance clown for more ugly. Then we can to beautify the magnet by electroplating, so do it exactly how those benefits? Don't only beautification? Powerful magnet samples, actually otherwise, the magnet sintering, it is a rare earth as earth, it is very fragile, and in the complex environment is easy to rust, cause their magnetic properties is abate, and even cause damage. So after we do the plating in appearance make it more beautification, at the same time also can keep the magnet's own strong performance, not easily by the environmental pollution led to the magnet performance. At the same time, also can improve the hardness of the magnet, while the hardness is not ascension is very big, but is better than the original. Through the above story, you now know why powerful magnets do maintenance? The magnet is a industrial products, but it also needs to be beautiful.
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