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Why production magnets have drawings?

by:Maghard      2020-09-02
Why production magnets have drawings? The magnet in the eyes of our ordinary people feel is a normal thing, think the things in the magnet manufacturer should be able to literally can be produced. In fact, this is right. If no special requirements for magnet accuracy and performance is easy to produce. But for some size and performance requirements can't literally production, must be in accordance with the drawings to production. But why to produce according to the drawing? Below we to give you about the magnet manufacturer. The demand of the magnet is typically through a variety of data testing, for the shape and size have certain requirements. For these sizes and requirements usually marked on the drawings, so that can have the exact data for production, can avoid a lot of unnecessary disputes and trouble. At the same time, according to the drawing production will also be able to reflect whether a magnet manufacturer professional. Professional magnet manufacturer in production according to the drawing, tend to be produced according to the size of the drawings, the production of the magnet must be within the normal range of tolerance, not with the actual gap is too much. Integrated in this way, we in the production of the magnet must be carried out in accordance with the drawings to production and processing. Information want to know if you have other magnet, can contact our magnet manufacturers advisory!
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