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Why ring magnet sink hole into a sink hole?

by:Maghard      2020-08-23
Why ring magnet sink hole into a sink hole? Ring magnets, he is a circular magnet, dig inside is empty. We often see the circular magnet is a flake of round, however, we are very curious, the magnet can be fitted with screw? Magnet manufacturer here, we tell you, this is ok. Why do you say that? First we make the inner ring of the magnet into sink hole, the shape of the sink hole is like a funnel. Why do you want to make it like a funnel? Because of this the shape of the funnel type on the beautiful Angle is more beautiful than the vertical hole, the screw will not result in a flat out after installation. Secondly, it designed so that a protective particularly strong, not cause magnet so easily damaged. In beautiful Angle to consider both conforms to the user's visual, satisfy the users in the security Angle, the kill two birds with one stone. So, now you know why sink hole magnet into a sink hole? If you don't understand to CALL us.
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