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Why the customer will have gaussian value request for magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-09-01
Why the customer will have gaussian value request for magnet? In our magnet manufacturer of magnet magnetic intensity is a gaussian value, a lot of people don't understand, how much generally said that the requirements of the magnetic, but he said few have asked about gauss, unless there is contact with the magnet, is called the magnet magnetic intensity gauss. Some magnet manufacturers to meet our customers for our production if there is a requirement for gauss magnet, often first to evaluate the materials used, according to the customers' requirement by magnet magnet manufacturers more than 10 years of production experience, we can evaluate the production by the customer to achieve gauss brand performance materials. And then start to production, sample production after if can fully meet customer requirements, we will be in mass production. Why customers on gauss value has certain requirements? Because the customer in the process of drawing design, have passed many test data, gaussian value only in the environment, the magnet will play the best effect, if the gauss value is lower than design or high, can lead to poor performance magnets play, even can not reach the desired effect. So the customer will be the magnet production, gauss value requirement. Through magnet manufacturers claim to the magnet gauss, you probably know now what is the gauss magnet unit value. If you have related to the magnets custom, can magnet manufacturers contact with us!
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