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Why the magnet can attract the magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-08-19
A magnet attracts iron process name is magnetized, iron in the mess, become orderly by magnetic fields, so the iron to a magnet with magnetic. All matter is made up of molecules or atoms, and an outer electronic directional rotation can form magnetic, general object molecular ordering is messy, so electronic rotating magnetic fields cancel each other out, so there was no ordinary objects magnetic, and a magnet outside the nucleus of electronic is in one direction, so the magnet magnetic, size is equal to the electronic produce magnetic combined. The principle of magnetic attraction is: SN magnets attract and attraction between atoms is a truth, namely S magnet some atoms combined with N some atomic magnet. Magnets and magnet will release heat in the process of near, Energy and particles) , that is, combination of atoms and atomic to release energy, daily life you didn't feel, don't own a feeling negative energy balance.
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